Can F-150 Lightning Charge Tesla Supercharger?

It turns out that nobody took any offense at the Ford Motor Companys initiative of offering free J1772 charging adapters for F-150 Lightnings,

nor did anyone call out security for Alex when he offered complimentary charging for owners of the worlds largest electric car manufacturer at a nearby Tesla Supercharger station.

Included with the Ford F-150 Lightning is quite an interesting accessory that helps Tesla.

Your Tesla can be recharged with a Ford mobile charger attached to a Pro Power Onboard Power Supply.

And it's connects on the back of an F-150 Lightning if its batteries are running low.

A member on a forum online for new F-150 Lightning owners shared photos of a Teslas new accessory.

He said that Ford is throwing an adapter to allow charging the Teslas in the early Ford Lightnings, but declined to specify how many F-150 Lightning buyers would get this piece.