How Much Does an F-150 Lightning Battery Replacement Cost?

To begin, the cost to replace your battery in your new Ford Lightning is going to vary depending on your cars year and model.

For instance, replacing a battery system in a Mustang Mach-E, Fords popular electric crossover, It would set you back around $18,514 for the standard-range battery pack.

While a Ford F-150 Lightning with a standard-range battery starts at $39,974,a retail customer would need to spend at least $72,474 for an extended-range version.

Starting at $54,669 with the 98-kWh Standard Range Battery,

And going for the Extended Range Battery adds $19,500--roughly the price of a full-size Ford Maverick--to the F-150 Lightning XLTs base price.

By one estimate, the out-of-warranty 100-kWh battery, which is a common option for Teslas longer-range vehicles, And will be worth at least $16,100 in 2019, not including labor, taxes, and other costs.

Believe it or not, it is approaching two years since Fords first Lightning EV formally went on the road, and naturally,Lightning owners are wondering, when that time comes, what it would cost to get a new battery.