Is There Seating for Passengers in the Tesla Semi-Truck?

In 2017, Tesla introduced its all-electric, semi-truck, the Tesla Semi-Truck, which boasts a range of 500 miles and regenerative braking.

The Tesla Semi's sleek exterior was created with the driver's comfort and efficiency in mind, and it features zero passenger space.

The driver, however, can relax in the heated, contoured seats, air-conditioned comfort, and the suite of touch-screen displays that provide access to all of the vehicle's essential driving information.

Additionally, there is a large amount of storage space, a secondary air filtration system, a subwoofer audio system, and USB connections.

You can tell that this high-tech vehicle was built with only one thing in mind: transporting cargo.

There is no need to add an extra seat because of this.

Some people might be put off by the truck's absence of a passenger seat, but it really contributes to the vehicle's overall safety, comfort, and efficiency.