What Kind Of Plug Does F-150 Lightning Use?

Even the 110-volt socket is something that can be found on your homes walls, and a Ford Motor Co.

Mobile Charger will take advantage of that energy supply to recharge a Ford F-150 Lightning.

When drivers purchase an F-150 Lightning, they will receive a 30-amp Mobile Power Cord.

that allows them to charge it with either a regular 120-volt outlet or 240-volt.

Ford recommends Fords charging station pro for Fords new all-electric F-150 Lightning, but it is usable on other Ford Battery-electric vehicles (BEVs).

The Ford Charge Station Pro does not recharge F-150 Lightnings standard-range battery pack faster than a Ford Connected Charger, and will add around 20 miles of range added each hour.

If the buyer of the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is charging from the house fusebox with the home charging adapter,